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Benefits for your employees and your business

Employee benefits are now in the top three operating costs for most businesses. With health care costs continuing to rise, business owner are faced with tough decisions when choosing a benefits package.

Employee benefits have also become a major selling point for employee recruitment and retention. Employers that provide a greater array and more personalized benefits options are seeing an increase in employee satisfaction, along with higher levels of productivity, engagement and loyality.

"We help businesses create a benefits strategy that focuses on higher quality at a lower costs."

The 3 Reason We Standout

  1. Highly innovative and timely customized solutions
  2. Sophisticated client-centered service focus
  3. Preferred access to a wide range of quality insurance products

Vidor and Associates can provide a cost-effective, easy-to-manage employee benefits program. Our knowledge of the employee benefits and healthcare industry, combined with our strong relationships with key employee benefits providers, allow us to offer clients the highest quality benefits programs at the most competitive premiums.  

We provide our clients with a superior level of pre and post enrollment support (enrollment meetings, customized benefit statements, employee benefit websites, claims management, etc.) while maintaining the attentive, responsive service that is so crucial to the effective implementation of an employee benefits program.

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